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Historical Data
Publication Title Date Author
Full-Depth Repair of Joint PCC Pavements. Cast-In-Place and Precast Procedures March 1976 S. Tyson
Prestressed Concrete Pavements September 1968 S. Goyal & S Prakash
Prefabricated Highway is Investigated March 1967 Public Works Magazine
Prefabricated Highways? January 1967 Rural & Urban Roads Magazine
South Dakota Studies Use of Prefabricated Highways December 1966 Better Roads Magazine
South Dakota Groups Take Part in Prefabricated Highway Development December 1966 Construction Bulletin Magazine
Prestressed Concerte Pavements of Runways and Carriageways April 1962 G. Mittelmann
A Novel Concept of Prestensioning Prestressed Concrete Pavements March 1961 L. Zetlin
Prestressed Concrete Roads and Airfields in Holland and Abroad January 1961 J. Wever
Prestressed Pavement - A World View of Its Status September 1959 T. Cholnoky
Report on Prestressed Concrete Highway Pavement April 1964 R. Rosene
Prestressed Pavement - A World View of its Status February 1959 ACI
Contribution to the Study of Prestressed Concrete Roads October 1958 R. Peltier
Prestressed Concrete Pavement Research 1958  

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