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Agency Publications/Presentations
Publication Title Date Author
Illinois Tollway Standard Plans May 2009 Illinois Tollway
Special Provisions for Precast Concrete Pavement January 2009 Virginia  DOT
Special Provisions for Precast Prestressed Concrete Pavement January 2009 Virginia DOT
Special Provisions for Pre-Cast Concrete Pavement System Approval November 2008 Virginia DOT
Precast Concrete Pavement Systems for Rapid Pavement Repair and Replacement: Basic Information and Commentary June 2008 AASHTO
Generic Specification for Precast Concrete Pavement System Approval June 2008 AASHTO
Guidance and Considerations for the Design of  Precast Concrete Pavement Systems June 2008 AASHTO
Generic Specification for Fabricating and Constructing  Precast Concrete Pavement Systems June 2008 AASHTO

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