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Publication Title Date Author
Illinois Tollways Precast Concrete Slab September 2011 Illinois Tollways
FDOT US17/02 - Presentation 2010 Sam Fallaha, FDOT
FDOT US17/02 - Technical Special Provisions & Plan Sheets 2010 FDOT
Delaware Route 896 North Bound at Route 40 Project Overview September 2009  
Highways for LIFE I-66 Pre-cast Concrete Pavement Demonstration Project March 2010 VDOT
VDOT I-66 Highways for LIFE September 2009 K. Consiglio
Precast Concrete Pavements - California Style September 2009 K. Stahl
Summary of FHWA Precast Pavement Demonstration Projects Completed to date January 2008 FHWA
Construction of the Iowa Highway 60 Precast Prestressed Concrete Pavement Bridge Approach Slab Demonstration Project July 2007 The Transtec Group, Inc.
Iowa DOT
La Guardia Precast Pavement Test Section Installation September 2002 S. Tayabji

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