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Technology Presentations
Publication Title Date Author
Advances in Precast Paving April 2013 D. Merritt
History of Guerrilla Marketing of Precast Concrete Pavement April 2012 T. LaCoss
Precast Concrete Pavement Technology - Desk Scan November 2010 S. Tayabji
Highways for LIFE September 2009 W. Nickas
Highways for LIFE - Accelerating the Implementation of Innovation June 2009 B. Lord
Changing How We Build Highways and Bridges in America October 2009 B. Lord
Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute November 2008 D. Frank, W. Nickas
Overview of Construction    
Full Depth Precast Prestressed Concrete Pavement System March 2009 K. Fleck, R. Grafton
What is PPCP?   W. Nickas
Highways for LIFE - Program Overview/PCPS Showcase October 2008 FHWA
Overview of Precast Concrete Pavement Systems for Rapid Repair, Rehabilitation, and Construction of Rigid Pavements October 2008 T. LaCoss
NJDOT's Experience with Precast PCCP October 2008 R. Sauber
Super-Slab® Installation October 2008 P. Smith
Steps for Development of Successful Precast Pavement Projects October 2008 P. Smith
PCPS - A Part of the Pavement Management Toolkit October 2008 C. Rao
Precast... The Concrete Solution October 2008 G. Stutz
Engaging Industry - A Cooperative Approach October 2008 J. Dick
AASHTO TIG - Promoting the use of Precast Concrete Pavement Systems October 2008 T. LaCoss
CalTrans PC Pavement    
Precast Concrete Pavement - Background Concepts November 2001 G. Graham
Prefabricated Highway Testing in South Dakota November 1966 M. Bach

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